Rotating Image Banner

Share the Spirit

Pictures of graduation, a bake sale or special event? Use the rotating banner to showcase your school/district community. Drag and drop new pictures, change the order and voila! A new front page, updated by you in seconds!

No Flash? No problem, the image banner uses javascript to ensure that updates are broadcasted from mobile to web.


Custom Graphic Icon Set

Designed for you

At SharpSchool we believe that design has no limits and that’s why we are doing something different. We’ve developed an icon catalogue where you can pick your favorite set.

Didn’t find anything? That’s ok, send us your favorite picture or drawing and we’ll make a custom icon, just for your school/district.


Branding and Color Adjustment

Your School, Your Way

Your school/district logo and colors are yours and unlike everyone else, we’ll keep them that way, for free! During the process, we don’t charge to update your school/district logo, mascot or colors.

We believe that school/district spirit should be expressed your way, no matter what.


Social Media Integration

From Tweet to wall posts...

School announcements and news have moved from take home newsletters, to the tweets and wall posts of the 21st century, don’t get left behind!

At SharpSchool we’ve got what you need to showcase your school/district’s social media presence with built in social media profile icons and real time live tweetfeeds.


Weather Widget

Local Weather at the click of a mouse

Is it rainy, need a rain coat? Is it chilly, need a scarf? You don’t need to wait for conventional weather forecasts anymore, just check you school/district website!

With SharpSchool you can have a live, real time weather feed right on your school’s webpage.


Tabbed Section

Organization at your fingertips

Picture a binder without tabs, information is hard to find right? Well picture your website without any page organization, it’s the same thing!

In response, SharpSchool is offering tabbed content organization, where users can easily add, store and customize contents using an easy to use tabbed menu.


Translate Options

Make your site multilingual

As the world becomes more interconnected, communities grow and the need for expanded translation options rises.

Your School/district has the options to customize their website language option from the standard translation list or you can create a custom list of commonly spoken languages within their community.